Arms Around Paris is a four-piece alternative pop-rock group, which was formed in the autumn of 2013 in Viinistu, Estonia. The band is made up of old friends - Reimo Mürgimäe (vocals), Petri Osila (bass guitar, vocals), Arthur Škurko (guitar) and Aare Vest (drums). Their somewhat melancholical messages are opened in false modesty and led to overwhelming robustness – something that defines the sound of Arms Around Paris...

... and this is their first, self-titled album


Lood tuleksid kuulamiseks siia ...

Big big thankyou for all the people involved in making the album. Indrek Varend, Silver Lepaste, Vallo Järv, Sander Laasik, Tiina Liiv, Verner Liiv, Kert Kruusakivi, Tanel Murd, Külli Vest, Karina Riive, Hanna Riive, Kristel Paunel, Joosep Osila. These people are awesome. And of course thanx to Jose for recording and taking the time for mixing.

Musical appearances:

Drums: Aare Vest
Bass: Petri Osila
Guitars: Arthur Škurko, Aare Vest
Vocal: Reimo Mürgime, Petri Osila
Saxophone: Indrek Varend